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The Trend In Fashion Cycle


The fashion trend is considered as a fad. Those who play in this industry are always on the quest to bring something new and hot to the market.


The trend in the fashion industry is the new development in this sector. Fashion trends are the step one is taking to keep up with the changing world of clothing. People try to get new stock in their closet whenever a new type of clothing is in the market. Even though some trends are considered to be outdated they come up with innovative ideas.


The emergence of the fashion trends at Fanatique in this new millennium can be said to be nothing much new. The denim jeans and the pegged pant legs are still worn in today's world. You can hardly miss torn trouser in any clothing store around the world.


No one really decides what is hot or which is not hot. The designers of the clothing and the manufactures only give ideas and they throw the products in the market and observe what the consumers are really interested in. the consumers decide what is hot and decide what to purchase and wear.


The first cycle of fashion is where the consumers see great pieces of clothing from movies and television shows. The consumers try to emulate and everyone wants a piece of the trending cloths. For more facts about fashion, visit this website at http://endlessocean.wikia.com/wiki/Men%27s_Clothes.


In the second phase, you see the trend in fashion magazines and also televisions. The stock becomes flooded in the market and is now available at a lower cost to the consumers. The merchandise is also expensive in some collection shops and is still not available to all consumers. In the third phase, it is now available at a lower cost and is available for many people in the market.


When the market is flooded with the same trend of fashion I lose its appeal to the customer. To determine how long a fashion by Fanatique will trend depends on some factors. For most trend, it takes a year for the trend to last but in some cases, these trends will last for a longer time in the market before they lose their appeal to the consumers. It is also considered that fashions re-emerge after a period of twenty years. The miniskirts of the 80s are in the market of nowadays.


It is not specified for how long a particular fashion will trend in the market.